Unnuaq Album

UNNUAQ means “Night” in Inuktitut language.

The time period during which darkness reigns has always fascinated human beings and affected their beliefs and rituals so they can follow their hearts and their dreams. One must be aware that darkness and light are an integral part of the ever turning and changing, yet always intimately connected, Wheel of Life. The rhythm of life disrupts us more often than not. However, Nature allows us to find solace as well as the feeling of being at peace with our inner selves.

Several pieces of this album stemmed from live improvisations recorded on our land with the trees serving as percussive elements. More than two years were spent putting together the material of this album: We would compose during the day and, as the evening went on, we would decide if we would include the piece or not.

We are delighted to offer you this project inspired by all the kind and beautiful souls we have encountered during this creative undertaking. There are so many stories to tell but we’ll let you have the pleasure to discover them by yourself. UNNUAQ is our language and it will let you understand everything… It is a night between yesterday and today…




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Cliff of the Dawn

Cliff of the Dawn Album
In the ancient Nordic mythology, two crows were perching on Odin’s shoulders; one represented Thought while the other stood for Memory. They were both great travellers who would leave at dawn to explore the world and return at dusk to tell their master what they had seen and heard. Thank to them, Odin’s knowledge grew larger by the day...

Our passion for Scandinavian medieval mythical traditions and European pagan cultures in general was the catalyst for our latest compositions. Just as with the story of Odin and the crows, our music is influenced by our lives and by what we love to share with people: Our travels, nature, ancestral memories, musical instruments, history and fateful encounters...

Through this creative process, contacts and relationships were established during our musical and sonic quest bringing us back to our origins, our aboriginal cultures, our land and the world in which we live...

“Acantilado del Amanecer” (“Cliff of the Dawn”) is the name of a beautiful place constantly bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea located at the Southernmost point of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. This is where the rays of the Sun first hit this immense country.

Lastly, this new opus gets its inspiration from the cycle of life, its continuity and its changes. We wish you a wonderful journey.

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Different Shades of Catharsis (2015)

 Different Shades of Catharsis (2015) Album
Different Shades of Catharsis is a benefit compilation dedicated to our dear friend Alan Lang. When we learned that Alan has been stricken with the terrible affliction of brain cancer, we couldn't just sit around and give our condolences. We wanted to do something else to honor Alan's courage in a face of uncertainty. We needed to give him something that would last a lifetime. Compiled here are 25 tracks from various acts within the realms of dark ambient and industrial, some of Alan's favorite music. We started the project and it quickly gained momentum, with numerous artists wanting to partake in this endeavor. It was truly humbling to see so many artists come together to set aside time for Alan's sake. Some of the artists present are that of well known status, while others are still gaining their footing in the scene. But now, that doesn't matter. What matters is Alan Lang, his beautiful wife and precious daughter. Different Shades of Catharsis is about strength and fortitude. All profit generated from this compilation will go directly to Alan Lang and his family to help them cope with the strenuous medical debt. To the Lang family, from all of us...

-The artists of catharsis


released 11 February 2015

Artwork by Robert W. Cook

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The Dance Of The Muses (2013)

The Dance Of The Muses (2013) Album

“ With The Dance of the Muses, Saltarello offers warm, intelligent, muscular, yet subtle remixes of eight titles available on two of their previous albums, Forgotten Passage and Nine Worlds, without giving the listeners the feeling that they’ve heard it before which is very much to their credit.”

Dan Behrman, radio producer & host (Magazine Son & Images Vol 15, #6)


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The Exodus Of Saints - Tribes of Medusa (2013)

The Exodus Of Saints - Tribes of Medusa (2013) Album

A collaboration between Tribes Of Medusa and Saltarello. Veil of the Solstice is on Dark Ambient V and the full length album from Tribes Of Medusa The Exodus of Saints.

Tribes Of Medusa can be found on Twitter and Facebook

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Benefit for Animals in Need (2012)

Benefit for Animals in Need (2012) Album

This compilation is to benefit the ASPCA. Their rapid and effective response to the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy has not only been amazing but critical in helping those who have no voice. ASPCA provides rescue, evacuation shelter, emergency medical treatment and food and currently they are running emergency pet boarding facilities for families who have been displaced. These services are offered at no cost. All proceeds of this compilation will go directly to the ASPCA to assist them in their current efforts as well as helping them to be ready to respond when disaster strikes again.

Thank you for helping our friends in need.

Credits released 19 November 2012
Bonus tracks by Howling Larsons, Ivan , Sighell and Haiku by Natalia Rodríguez
Photo by Peter Bjärgö
Layout and album cover by Ia Bjärgö

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Nine Worlds (2011)

Nine Worlds (2011) Album

“Already a fourth album in a decade for this Abitibian group which, after having explored the profound voices heard in sacred music, the aerial sounds made by world string instruments and North African rhythms, finds on its Nordic soul on this new opus. However, the North becomes the pretext to introduce new sounds to this music which remains free of any imposed boundary of any kind. If the ensemble may ring bells akin to Dead Can Dance or Jean-Michel Jarre at his best, it definitely has its own singular and strong personality. The wind blows heavily on cave like ambiances, bells and ethereal vocals. The Middle-Age happily frays with gliding electro spaces. The sky gets torn apart by celestial vocals. The Celtic harp rises over powerful beats. The melodious hurdy-gurdy lends a dramatic accent. And what about that poem penned by Dan Behrman about Jerusalem which brings all the religious beliefs together. Through this album a door opens wide toward eternity”.

Yves Bernard, Vitrine du disque -June 3, 2011 – Le Devoir



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Forgotten Passage (2008)

Forgotten Passage (2008) Album

2006 is the theater of several Moroccan concerts given by Saltarello in Merzouga and Erfoud. Their encounters with the members of various traditional groups allow them to further their knowledge of Berber music and inspire them to compose the material featured on their third album, “Forgotten Passage”




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Humana (2004)

Humana (2004) Album

By broadening its instrumentation in the duo’s second album (sitar, duduk, bansuri, dulcimer, ethnic percussions electronic rhythms), Saltarello now offers a wide array of original compositions tainted with a wide array of world musical colors. “Humana” shines by the beauty of its vocals and of its instrumentation and guides the listener through a unique musical experience.





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O Pietas (2001)

O Pietas (2001) Album

Inspired by sacred music, Saltarello introduces their first album, “O Pietas”, laden with Gregorian chant, Celtic, gothic and tribal influences where airy vocals, hammer dulcimer and keyboards create an enchanting atmospheric ambiance.

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Ritual Moondance (1998)

Ritual Moondance (1998) Album

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