UNNUAQ means “Night” in Inuktitut language.

The time period during which darkness reigns has always fascinated human beings and affected their beliefs and rituals so they can follow their hearts and their dreams. One must be aware that darkness and light are an integral part of the ever turning and changing, yet always intimately connected, Wheel of Life. The rhythm of life disrupts us more often than not. However, Nature allows us to find solace as well as the feeling of being at peace with our inner selves.

Several pieces of this album stemmed from live improvisations recorded on our land with the trees serving as percussive elements. More than two years were spent putting together the material of this album: We would compose during the day and, as the evening went on, we would decide if we would include the piece or not.

We are delighted to offer you this project inspired by all the kind and beautiful souls we have encountered during this creative undertaking. There are so many stories to tell but we’ll let you have the pleasure to discover them by yourself. UNNUAQ is our language and it will let you understand everything… It is a night between yesterday and today…




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