Different Shades of Catharsis (2015)

Different Shades of Catharsis is a benefit compilation dedicated to our dear friend Alan Lang. When we learned that Alan has been stricken with the terrible affliction of brain cancer, we couldn't just sit around and give our condolences. We wanted to do something else to honor Alan's courage in a face of uncertainty. We needed to give him something that would last a lifetime. Compiled here are 25 tracks from various acts within the realms of dark ambient and industrial, some of Alan's favorite music. We started the project and it quickly gained momentum, with numerous artists wanting to partake in this endeavor. It was truly humbling to see so many artists come together to set aside time for Alan's sake. Some of the artists present are that of well known status, while others are still gaining their footing in the scene. But now, that doesn't matter. What matters is Alan Lang, his beautiful wife and precious daughter. Different Shades of Catharsis is about strength and fortitude. All profit generated from this compilation will go directly to Alan Lang and his family to help them cope with the strenuous medical debt. To the Lang family, from all of us...

-The artists of catharsis


released 11 February 2015

Artwork by Robert W. Cook

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