Cliff of the Dawn

8 November 2015

Inspired by the vastness of Northwestern Québec’s Abitibi region where the band is based and the deep spirituality of the Amerindian tribes living there for centuries, influenced by ancient pagan Scandinavian and Celtic rituals, the entrancing sounds of Saltarello take the listener on a musical journey filled with rhythmic frenzy and beautiful haunting melodies.
Their warm and generous vocals with vestal like polyphonic intonations blend wonderfully with the rich multi-colors of the hurdy-gurdy and other ageless exotic instruments: hammer-dulcimer, didgeridoo, bouzouki, Armenian duduk, Appalachian dulcimer, violin, mandolin and Celtic harp. Also featured in their dynamic musical blend: keyboards, electric bass and, of course, powerful percussions such as djembe, dumbek, bendir and darbuka...

The unique Nordic musical trance of Saltarello fills the gap between traditional and contemporary, ancient and futuristic with original compositions sung in a language unknown except to them while fusing world rhythms with amazing vocals and instruments from a time long past as well as from right now thus creating a hypnotic universe with no boundaries…

After having received a most enthusiastic welcome from festival audiences at several Ontarian festivals last summer , Saltarello has just released their sixth album, “Cliff of the Dawn”, a virtual magic flying carpet ride which we invite you to partake, enjoy and share with the ones you love.

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